10 Things to Create Your Dream Life III: THINK!

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This is Part III of the 10 Part series called, “10 Things to Create Your Dream Life”. These are 10 Things if done every day, will improve our lives drastically.

We have already discussed the last two parts, i.e., Gratitude & Affirming to yourself. You can click on the links to go through the posts.

Before I go further, I would like to mention the “10 Things…” again for everyone’s benefit:

1. Be Grateful.

2. Affirm your dreams & goals.

3. Think for 3o Minutes.

4. Shoot for the moon, but be happy (now!).

5. Sleep less, live more.

6. Watch less TV.

7. An hour for yourself.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff… And its all small stuff.

9. Forgive everyone everything!

10. Give back: Charity does not have to be money only.

Simple, right?

All the things mentioned above are normal every day things that we know we should do, yet we don’t put our hearts to it and are not able to do them religiously. Its all a combination of various advices I have been given in the span of around 47 years…Yes, I am ANCIENT!!

Now, lets talk about thinking.

I earlier wrote a post called Start Thinking in 8 Simple Steps.

We have been conditioned to believe that ‘thinking’ can only be about something, as in,

I am thinking about that problem, office shifting, employee problem (also includes ‘boss problem’!),

I am thinking about YOU etc…(we all know thats not thinking! Lol)

Imagine if you sat down and began to think…. Yes, just THINK. Not about something or somebody but just think.

If you have read about successful people, one of their strongest points was to think. Think clearly. Effectively. They could think about anything.

The opposite of thinking is meditation, where you try to clear your mind of everything. More on that some other time.

You must be wondering, why thinking? What’s so ‘sexy’ about it? And what do you get in return besides ‘wasting’ your precious minutes which you could have utilized being on Facebook, chatting with friends, Twitter or a game of your choice (on your computer of course).

Here is my take on thinking:

The quality of your thoughts define the quality of your life. If you think good thoughts, your life will be good.

If we only think of what can go wrong, then rest assured it will go wrong.

In order to think, you have to first sit down in a quiet place, where you know you will not be disturbed unless there is a fire or an earthquake. This can be a place in a room, a room  or even the balcony or sitting anywhere. A tea/coffee shop. A bench or rock by the sea, close to nature or even your bathroom (if you know you will not be disturbed there!). A friend gets his best ideas on the throne. So, chose your place.

Take a plain paper and a pencil/pen.

Close your eyes and try not to think.

It will take some time to take your mind off the things that you were thinking.

Gradually your mind will wander to assorted stuff. Things that matter more than you had thought.

You will be reminded of things that you had to do and had forgotten about them – Write them down, if you think they are important.

You will think of errands, petty stuff – Write them down.

Go deeper. Think deeper. About things that matter to you. You may not have ever thought about those things before. They are a little difficult to think about. Our fears – resistance/lizard brain – do not let us dwell there. Hence, it is doubly important to keep thinking about them. And not to ignore them.

Think about the future, your future. Where you would be – or want to be – in the next 2 years. Five years. Ten years. Yes, I know its scary. Leaving the comfort of the known to the unknown.

If you keep thinking every day, your thinking becomes sharp. Not only will you reap the benefit in thinking about better things and improving your life, but you will also realize that when confronted with a problem you’d rather sit quietly & think about it rather than solving it without giving it a a second ‘thought’.

You will also notice that by thinking deeply about your life improves its quality. You gravitate towards the things that matter in life rather than worrying about superficial stuff & thinking about ‘what people will think’. It has been truly life-changing for me, at least.

You can also sit down with a specific problem in mind and solve it during your ‘thinking time’.

You could write down your one year, two year & five year goals by thinking about them.

You will realize that since you are giving more time thinking about your life in general, you are being exposed to the areas which need improvement. Your weaknesses come to mind and you may think about getting more training in certain fields. Yes, life-long-learning. Ever heard of it? I should be writing soon on it.

I don’t want you to read too much about thinking. You’d rather think more now!!

Think about it.

See if you could put aside your iPhones, Blackberries, Strawberries and other berries that you can’t seem to live without. And give yourself 20-30 minutes of ‘quality time’!!

Love you all,

Stay blessed.


Picture courtesy: dreamstime.com

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  1. this is the meaning of life. While living open heart, a wide open heart, do not always selfish. sometimes the little things very precious to us, so you do not ignore them inside. Say “thanks” and “sorry” every day, that’s what I’ve always done.

  2. I do not think it’s really very simple, but if you really focus on the good will to do it. I think I’ve done one of these things.

  3. that’s a good ideas, i like the greateful, it may be the key for the happy and whenn you happy you can do anything you want, hope you like this!

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