Who Has More ‘Time’?

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While interacting with the participants in one of my sessions a couple of months back, one of them shared a very interesting and profound advice that his boss had given to him about time management.

He said,

Time is the only commodity in this world which is evenly distributed amongst all human beings. Everyone has 24 hours… Not a second more, not a second less. 

We all are at liberty to spend our time as per own wishes & priorities.

I think this is food for thought for all of us who spend time doing stuff we don’t really like, meeting people we don’t get along with, watching stuff which doesn’t interest us, spending our days doing almost nothing when we could actually change our lives & make a difference in our life & with that, the lives of others.

(I can’t talk about Facebook – read FARIGHbook – here because most of us love ‘investing’ time in it!)

If you notice one single thing that successful people do differently than others, it is the best utilization of their time. Sometimes we feel, the guy is too arrogant. Doesn’t have time to meet or call. He could have stayed a little longer, or chatted or spent more time. But only the person knows how important is his time and what are his priorities.

That is the reason successful people are successful. They know that there is time for everything. We can chat for hours when a friend calls, even if we are in the middle of something very important.

Next time we should think twice before we even begin to say, “I don’t have time!” Actually, it is all about priorities…

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Stay blessed.


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