Letting Go

it is hard to fly

I know, this isn’t the right time for you to read this one. (Or maybe it is…?)

I also know that it is easier said than done.  And I fully AGREE!

If you have not been able to let go of stuff, relationships, people & experiences in the past what makes me think you will be able to now?

Hmmm… Good question!

But, before we agree that we cannot change ourselves, let us, for a while, think how much it has helped us in the past to hold on to whatever we are holding on.

Be it a grudge, bad feelings & thoughts, hurt or simply hatred against a person for saying or doing what she/he shouldn’t have, OR not saying/doing what he/she should have.

Most of the reasons should fall under the above categories.

Having a grudge against someone, no matter how small, will help you develop ulcers or other ailments that you could live without. To constantly think about something/someone will only take us away from living. We forget the present and dwell in the past.


And even by doing so the feeling doesn’t subside. On the contrary, dwelling in the past actually exacerbates the condition. Making you angrier, fidgety, down, depressed, stressed… Please use as many words you can to define the condition.

I know someone who cannot come out of the past. She will not forget how someone made her go through a difficult period (her version!). Although, it has been 13 years since that happened, yet she remembers each and every incident & every word spoken at that time – vividly.  (As some highly gifted human beings can.)

Bottom line: If someone does not want to change himself, there is nothing anyone else can do about it.

People also keep blaming the rest of the world for their condition.

I wonder, what has the innocent world got to do with this. And even if the world has made you feel like this, then it is time to @#$% the world, big time! We are not victims. Each of us is responsible for our own destiny. Change your thoughts and change your world.

I am not sure if you want to change, but I am banking on the fact that since you have come this far in this post, one part of your mind/heart does want to change.

What choices do you have:

Do nothing.

Get more depressed.

Eat more. (Chocolates help depression?)

Go out less.

Bunk classes.

Fight with people at work.

Stop going to work.

Stop talking to people.

Stop meeting people altogether!

Stop using Facebook (Is it that bad? Really??)

Well… Imagine you sulking under this heavy stress and making a mess out of your life… while…. While the person you are angry at  doesn’t even know, acknowledge or realize what she/he has done to you. The guy/gal is having a blast. And is oblivious to your existence!

Bravo! What a way to live!!

You can keep sulking, but other guy isn’t bothered or interested in your depression/anger etc.

Holding grudges only affects us the worst possible way that you can imagine.

It is like holding coal in your hand in order to throw at someone. (Gandhi Jee?)

Now you have two options:

1. SULK:

For a moment, imagine yourself as trying to win a race by carrying someone on your shoulders. Can we even walk, let alone run and win the race?

Unburden yourself.


Get on with your life & spend time doing stuff you love, meet people who love and respect you (There are enough or them around if you look deeply – especially below you!)

There are people who love us, adore us and want to be with us, but we think they are ‘pests’. Maybe this is the time to give them a chance to prove they are better human beings and surely better friends.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the very best in life.

Lots of love,

Stay blessed,


Picture: http://perfectlynotperfect3.tumblr.com

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