“God has given me more than I deserve!”

Imagine, who can say these words in today’s day and age?

Of course, someone who has everything that you & I can ever imagine. Right?


On the contrary, they were spoken by a 35 year old gentleman I met on the streets of a commercial area of Karachi called Saddar, selling cell phone top-up cards on his sidewalk ‘showroom’! 

I can assure you, he didn’t have ‘everything that life has to offer’, at least not as per our world view. 

But I saw him content and happy with his life.

His actual comment was in Urdu: 

“Allah ne meri auqaat se ziyada diya hai.” 

When I asked him more about his comment, he said he always looks at people below him. Those who can’t even afford the bare necessities of life. Like three meals a day. Or a roof on their heads. And it makes me thank God, how fortunate I am. 

He said, “if you keep looking at people above you, you will never be happy.”

That touched a chord. 

We have read and heard this many times. From our elders to the wisest people on this Earth. 

But…. Do we really believe this? Practice this?

Do we really believe we have more than what we deserve?

Or keep running after what we don’t have. And ruin our todays for a tomorrow that we will never be able to catch, let alone enjoy. 

This is also true for relationships. We always want fairytale relationships. Comparing our every day strifes with someone else’s edited clip of their whole movie. Where everything seems perfect. And then we ruin our days, and sometimes our life, imagining “what did I do to deserve this“. To us, someone always has a better life, relationship, spouse, kids, Mother in Law etc!

Not thinking about people below us in this respect as well. 

If the above touched a chord in your heart as well, would you want to follow it through?

Would you want to change yourself for the better?

And really believe that you certainly have more than what you deserve. 

Let’s do this:

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, but can you promise to practice this at least for a day or a week? 


  1. Write at least one thing in a day, where you thought of people below you & felt how blessed you are. One thing in 24 hours! I am sure you can find more than that! Start with one. Call it your Thank You note
  2. Share that note with someone. (By SMS/Whatsapp/Email etc). A friend or anyone in the family. And ask them to keep reminding you every evening to share a note. 
  3. Do this for a week. 
  4. Feel how blessed and happy you become after practicing it. 
  5. Share it with someone who you think needs it. And ask them to share their Thank You note with you every evening. 

It’s also called a Gratitude Journal. Google it!

Stay blessed. 


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  1. yes when we compare with below level of people somehow we are satisfied but when we keep looking above us then we do not ,sir actually human wants and desires are unlimited .it is be possible when a person think spiritually ,beyond his worldly desire otherwise it is impossible.

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