The Teacher and A CEO: What Do YOU Make?


This touching story was forwarded to me by Mr. Khalid Jehangir of The Lyceum School. A Big Thank You to him. I was just informed by Mr Rehan Vastani that the following has been taken from a Taylor Mali poem ( with the title “What Teachers Make”. Thanks Mr Mali for this wonderful gift! I […]

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What Is ‘Success’ To YOU?


We keep thinking about how successful we are based on how much money we have accumulated. A gentleman who I have recently begun to admire – Mr Hussain Dawood, Chairman of Dawood Group & Engro Chemicals – has a different perspective, altogether. And something which is close to my heart. Giving his keynote address at […]

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Can We CHOOSE Our Feelings?

  I received this beautiful poem from a friend a few days back – thanks Rahim Bhai.    If we could understand what it says, we could actually CHANGE our lives!   Makes so much sense if we try and understand… The way you feel can tell you much about the world around you And […]

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