26 February 2011 9 Comments

There Are Two Kinds Of People…

What type of person you are? The one who would help someone grow or ….
Read this amazing excerpt from Daniel Pink’s blog…

12 December 2010 9 Comments

Start THINKING in 8 Simple Steps

We usually think that we are thinkers and know how to think. But actually, we don’t even know what we are thinking most of the time. Learn this easy 8 Step Thinking Process and get on to thinking… On the way to your dream life!

13 November 2010 12 Comments

You’ve Got To Read This Book!

This is a book that I recommend everyone to read. 55 of the most influential & famous people tell the story about the book that changed their life. A must read.

25 September 2009 17 Comments

Disease called ‘Excusitis’…

Definition (Noun): Psychological disorder or a tendency found in a number of human beings resulting from the need to defer responsibility to or blame anyone or anything other than one’s own self. This disorder is usually accompanied by rationalization disorder. Found in: Most homo sapiens (human beings) Symptoms: This is disease of the mind in which the […]

12 September 2009 0 Comments

Book: ‘What Would Google Do’ by Jeff Jarvis

I am reading this wonderful book, brilliantly written about the the internet and what is it doing to our everyday life… Jarvis gives Google’s example in everyday business model and argues how we can drastically improve if we did what Google did… A must read for everyone… Have a great life! “You are the sum […]

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