1 September 2010 15 Comments

The Forgotten Art of Good Conversation

Who, in your mind, is the best conversationalist?The person who people call the ‘Jaan’ (Life) of a group or party?Someone who impresses you with his/her ‘gift of gab’? Personality? Style?Cracks jokes that you have never heard before and can’t stop laughing hours afterwards?Knows all the latest news (read: gossip!)?Et al…You can add here more of […]

7 July 2010 4 Comments

Our Addiction to ‘Keeping in Touch’

Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and the likes of them made their fortunes without a Blackberry or even snail mail. Check if Warren Buffet owns a BB! Once upon a time, (yes, I am OLD!), it used to take more than two months for a letter or ‘aerogram’ -ever heard of them? – to reach Pakistan from […]

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