17 January 2010 1 Comment

Home-Made Cure for EXCUSITIS

Sometime back I posted A Disease Called ‘EXCUSITIS’ on this blog and had promised that I will post a ‘cure’ to this disease ‘soon’. Well it seems its still ‘sooner’ than later. Have you heard of EXCUSITIS? I am sure you have…Yes, it is derived from the word ‘excuse’. For an elaborate definition, you can […]

25 September 2009 17 Comments

Disease called ‘Excusitis’…

Definition (Noun): Psychological disorder or a tendency found in a number of human beings resulting from the need to defer responsibility to or blame anyone or anything other than one’s own self. This disorder is usually accompanied by rationalization disorder. Found in: Most homo sapiens (human beings) Symptoms: This is disease of the mind in which the […]

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