11 November 2011 11 Comments

10 Things To Create Your Dream Life – Be Grateful

Sometime back I posted ’10 Things to Create Your DREAM LIFE’ which was liked by everyone.
Here is a 10-part summary for everyone to begin their dream life.
Try it to live your dreams, you wont regret it – promise!

18 March 2010 0 Comments

How To Maintain YOUR 45 Million Dollar Machine?

If you have a car, it has to be properly maintained lest it develops problems. It is called Preventive Maintenance. Wikipedia has a detailed definition on  Preventive Maintenance.Most of us take care of our cars/bikes more than we would anything else in the world. (Sorry, I don’t do that… rather can’t!) This is usually out […]

3 December 2009 4 Comments

A Beautiful, Fulfilling LIFE!

I have found that if we make a habit of doing the following on a regular basis (preferably daily!) then our lives could be different: Thank God for being alive. Have a list of dreams and goals and affirm them to yourself, aloud! Forgive everyone! (Difficult? More on this later)  Sleep LESS – Live More! […]

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