The Teacher and A CEO: What Do YOU Make?


This touching story was forwarded to me by Mr. Khalid Jehangir of The Lyceum School. A Big Thank You to him. I was just informed by Mr Rehan Vastani that the following has been taken from a Taylor Mali poem ( with the title “What Teachers Make”. Thanks Mr Mali for this wonderful gift! I […]

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Who Am I Makes A Difference – Touching Video

Someone sent me this touching video a while back and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.Thought I’d share with you…Share it with others and spread the message…We all have Difference Makers International to thank for this inspiring video/photo story and salute its founder Helice ‘Sparky’ Bridges for the outstanding work that she is […]

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Thank God I Am SO Lucky… A Touching Video

This video was sent to me by a dear friend sometime back. While brooding over an apt opening for my post on ‘gratitude’ I suddenly remembered it. Some of you must have seen it, but doesn’t harm refreshing our memories with these hard hitting facts!Facts: If YOU Keep your food in a refrigerator…   Keep […]

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