24 April 2011 1 Comment

Sal’s Khan Academy US: Future of Learning?

Salman Khan has revolutionized the way we learn by his interesting videos which have now become the talk of the world & seems to be changing the way we teach in schools!
Sal was recently invited to speak at TED to share his experience and vision.
Here is the video which would would definitely make you think…

2 July 2010 0 Comments

TED TALK: Rick Warren on Life of Purpose

A friend and teacher, Amir Morani, showed me the talk this afternoon and I just sat there and took everything in…So true, so deep, so touching… A must watch if you are still alive! Hope this created a stir inside… Nuruddin Abjaniwww.powerofthought.org

6 June 2010 5 Comments

TEDx Karachi: What Pakistan Needs Now

I had the privilege to attend TedX Karachi held on the 4th June, 2010. I was pleasantly surprised to see Chris Anderson, who is the Curator of the phenomenon that we all know as TED.com. For those who haven’t, please visit www.TED.com and watch an amazing mosaic of ideas from all corners of the world […]

1 June 2010 0 Comments

Do You LOVE What You Do? Amazing Talk by Gary Vee…

Watching TED.com after ages, I came across this amazing talk that Gary Vee who is now one of the top social media personalities. His passion is so contagious! I am sure you will learn a thing or two from this like I did! Love what you do… Or Do what you love! Dare to dream…And […]

5 May 2010 3 Comments

8 Secrets Of Success by Richard St. John: A must watch

Short and sweet: All of them summed up in this short video on www.TED.com   Have a remarkable life! Nuruddin Abjani

20 March 2010 0 Comments

Charles Leadbeater on Innovation | Video on TED.com

29 January 2010 2 Comments

How To Live To Be 100+: Unbelievable!

The other day I watched this amazing talk on TED by Dan Buetthner. Ever since I read Deepak Chopra’s Quantum Healing I have been intrigued with mind body duet. In one of his talks, Deepak had mentioned a tribe where the older the people got, the stronger they became. Meaning, a 45 year old person […]

23 December 2009 0 Comments

Watch Asher Hasan’s message of peace from Pakistan | Video on TED.com

Since Nadeem Chawhan of Navitus told me about www.TED.com a couple of months back at one of the TRG Sessions, I have been an ardent follower – though I miss a lot of videos due to time constraints… And then some angel, this time Abid Naseem, sends me a link to it and I suddenly […]

13 December 2009 0 Comments

‘It’s You and I Who Make our FATES…’ by George Moriarty

The moment I watched Coach John Wooden say these words on www.TED.com, I thought I should share this with YOU: Sometimes I think the fates must grin as we denounce them and insist, The only reason we can’t win is the fates themselves have missed.Yet, there lives on the ancient claim – we win or lose […]

3 December 2009 1 Comment

"Are You Talent Berry Gen": A Thought Igniting Nugget by Farhad Karamally

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Are You Talent Berry Gen 1 View more documents from fkaramally.

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